How Will The 2014 Budget Affect You?

How Will The 2014 Budget Affect You?

Jamie McIntyre - May 16, 2014

Well another budget has been announced and the current Government has given us a clear message: They want us to stop spending more than we earn as a country and pay down our debts. This message is very similar to our advice to our clients each and every day. We all need to restrict our spending and build assets for the future. Whilst some of the cuts will affect you and have an impact on your life, this is something that is out of our control until another election comes around.

The key points I have taken out of the budget are:

The things that will affect us all:
  • We will all now pay a co-payment to visit our GP.
  • e will all pay extra for fuel with an increase in the fuel excise that the government adds to our petrol cost each time we fill up.

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