Financial Education For The Ages

Financial Education For The Ages

Jamie McIntyre - May 17, 2016

The year is now in to full swing, school is back and with the Government’s Gonski Review and funding proposals our children are set to receive a better education than ever before.

And while our children’s schools will be better equipped to have an improved learning experience I can’t help but think about the important lessons in life that school fails to teach you.

financial educationfinancial education

They say that children are the mirror image of their parents, that much of the way a child behaves and conducts themselves is a reflection on their parents and their up bringing – more so than the school they went to.

I’ve made an interesting observation in many of my first meetings with clients that when asked about their financial situation - why things have gone the way they have or why they need financial advice, I often find that they many have not been taught the importance of managing their finances. Many of them explain to me that their spending habits and investment biases are born from their parents.

My clients know all to well that this kind of statement is usually followed by some strong advice to own your problems and stop making excuses. However as much as I want my clients to take ownership and control of their finances, there is a common trend in what I am told and it has me thinking about how I will financially educate my two boys.

So while the year is young and many financial advisers are encouraging their clients to set measurable financial goals for the year… I put to you – go beyond setting financial goals for yourself - invest some time in educating your children this year so that they can achieve their financial goals sooner.

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