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Our aim at MAC Financial is to ensure that you feel in control of your superannuation – not subscribed. At MAC Financial we know not all funds are equal and we encourage enquiry, we pride ourselves in being experts in the latest industry knowledge when it comes to all things super.

It is important to note that at some point in your life your super is going to be your largest asset. At MAC Financial we are passionate about providing support when it comes to your money. Our clients range from those who have limited interest in superannuation right through to those looking to maximize their retirement funds in every way. On behalf of our clients we are driven to ensure all the super funds at MAC are given the attention they deserve.

When you have the team at MAC Financial looking out for you, you can choose to know as little or as much about your super fund as you wish. The important thing is you have experts on your side looking out for the best performers on your behalf.

Whether you have, or are now looking for, a retail-managed super fund, a self-managed super fund or a Wrap Account the planners at MAC Financial can help employees and employers fulfill their super needs and obligations.


How we can help?

MAC Financial offers advice and insight into financial and wealth planning, superannuation, insurance, investment portfolios, property and lending. We believe no matter what your situation in life you can always benefit from having your own dedicated financial team working for you.