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mac budget 2017 edm

MAC | Budget 2017 (EDM)

Jamie McIntyre - May 11, 2017

No doubt you would have already read or heard a lot of information on the new budget so far. We are busy researching the detail on how these changes will impact our clients and are happy for you to call if you need any further explanation in the mean time.

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superannuation reforms for 2017

Superannuation Reforms for 2017

Jamie McIntyre - April 13, 2017

Superannuation reforms have been passed, with the changes most likely commencing 1st July 2017. The reduction of concessional contributions will be for all individuals regardless of age, from 1 July 2017. Currently it is $30,000 but restricted for those less than 49 years old in the previous year, or $35,000 for those aged over 49 years old in the previous income year.

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transition to retirement - a case study

Transition to retirement – A case study

Jamie McIntyre - March 10, 2017

Having financial knowledge and keeping up to date with legislation around superannuation is a good start for people wanting to set and achieve their own financial goals. We go a step further. We help our clients be financially organised to ensure that they know how to grow their wealth and live a financially comfortable lifestyle.

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the value in advice

The value in advice

Jamie McIntyre - November 3, 2016

Last week, I was announced a finalist in the AMP financial planning awards for the category ‘Value of Advice’. I am obviously very humbled to be considered as a finalist, and it has led me to think about what the value in advice is.

In financial terms, value refers to both short-term and long-term. It is the same for advice; what short-term actions can we take now, to create long-term results?

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buying your first home

Buying your first home

Jamie McIntyre - October 13, 2016

Buying your first home is a significant and exciting milestone.

Finding the right house that ticks all the boxes in only one part of the process. You also need to find the right financial product to ensure that the transition into home ownership is smooth, affordable and that your new asset is protected.

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ampfp adviser of the year award

MAC News - AMPFP Adviser of the Year Award

Jamie McIntyre - September 23, 2016

Jamie McIntyre has been shortlisted for the AMP Financial Planning Adviser of the Year 2016 award as well as the Value of Advice award.

This is Jamie’s second consecutive year as a finalist in the coveted awards, which will be presented at the AMP Advice Summit in 2017.

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cash flow: creating a spending plan

Cash flow: Creating a spending plan

Jamie McIntyre - August 31, 2016

The biggest thing MAC Financial wants for our clients is a financially healthy future.

By generating positive cash flow, not only are you going to feel less stress, you will be able to save and plan for future events such as holidays, weddings, purchasing a house or starting an investment portfolio.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go without our financially starve yourself. A reliable cash flow and savings plan should include what you are spending now, and be viable and long lasting.

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exceeding all expectations

Exceeding all expectations

Jamie McIntyre - July 7, 2016

After 17 years of operation, MAC Financial continue to deliver exceptional outcomes. Outcomes not only refer to our advice and wealth growing strategies but also to our excellence in industry knowledge, customer service and community relationships.

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end of year financials

It's nearly June 30, 2016

Jamie McIntyre - June 27, 2016

As this financial year comes to an end, rather than panicking about last minute ‘Pre June 30’ tactics, we would rather draw your attention to planning for an active and effective new financial year.

Let's start by looking at superannuation. A healthy superannuation fund will make a big difference when you are no longer working. By considering the taxation benefits in advance, you can take advantage of them without having to find large lump sums of money at the last minute. Here are three tactics that can save you money:

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financial education

Financial education for all ages

Jamie McIntyre - May 17, 2016

The year is now in to full swing, school is back and with the Government’s Gonski Review and funding proposals our children are set to receive a better education than ever before.

And while our children’s schools will be better equipped to have an improved learning experience I can’t help but think about the important lessons in life that school fails to teach you.

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out of cash

Feel like you’re always out of cash?

Jamie McIntyre - April 21, 2016

Whilst debt is not always a dirty word, I find too many of my younger clients are ignoring the bad debt they have - credit card debt that is half their salary, personal loans etc - and kidding themselves into thinking it’s not an issue. They fail to deal with their budgeting issues and too often, fail to take control of their finances.

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share market just a punt

Is the Share Market just a punt?

Jamie McIntyre - March 14, 2016

As spring carnival comes to a close it’s hard not to notice the fact that Australian betting companies seem to be attempting to reduce the risk associated with gambling by trying to mask a bet as an investment.

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transition to retirement

TTR- An Acronym worth knowing about!

Jamie McIntyre - February 28, 2016

There are so many acronyms when it comes to financial planning that sometimes I get confused myself. It’s no surprise that most Australians still don’t fully understand how our industry operates or where Financial Planners add value.

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