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Exceeding all expectations

Jamie McIntyre - July 7, 2016


After 17 years of operation, MAC Financial continue to deliver exceptional outcomes. Outcomes not only refer to our advice and wealth growing strategies but also to our excellence in industry knowledge, customer service and community relationships.

Recently we moved into new premises to ensure our growing practice can meet the needs of our clients. We also invested in an in-depth study of our current relationships, to better gauge how we are doing in your opinion and get an understanding of areas we can offer greater service. Check out our results below:


exceeding all expectations

Although it was no surprise, it is pleasing to see that MAC Financial clients overall believe that we exceed expectations in all the areas we service. Particularly pleasing was the results that show we greatly exceed expectations for operations functions such as ease of access to withdrawals, seeking better banking arrangements and updates to insurance matters. It is the little touch points that can make all the difference.

The majority of our clients indicate that they are willing ambassadors and referrers of MAC. To us, this is the biggest complement we can receive, and we thank you for you trust in us, and the knowledge we provide.

The MAC team look forward to showing you around our new office at Suite 2, 343 Pakington St, Newtown VIC 3220. We also look forward to the building, delivering and continuing to grow your personal wealth.

Jamie McIntyre

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